Lifotel Suits

Lifotel Suites

Non Alcoholic Serviced Residences

Lifotel Suites are serviced residences situated at great locations . These suites are built with modern and contemporary interiors, to offer our guests a feeling of being at home. Come here and relax to make your holiday or business trips more homely, as we provide you with spacious rooms, quality living, cooking space and laundry services. A perfect place to live and feel the warmth of being at home! Recommended for longer stays as well.


Lifotel is a concept that brings one closer to living life the natural way without Alcohol!

Lifotel is one place that will relax your mind in the true sense and offer you with a serene atmosphere to work and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Lifotel is a collection of hotels and resorts with the objective to promote customers to stay here and celebrate life in the right way either with your family or your colleagues.

It helps individuals to spend time away from the monotonous life, it gives the guests the time to involve in physical activities, fitness exercises, nutritious foods and healthy drinks.

Here, we offer the right space, the calm surrounding and the perfect atmosphere to relax, unwind and re-energize oneself.

Our Signature Spas will help to rejuvenate and bring back our guest's balance in place.

It is a great place to host events and meetings to celebrate life and also to help an organisation to take key decisions in an alcohol free environment.


The team at LIFOTEL are on a constant global quest for cultural, design, culinary and business information.

The company prides itself on its resourcefulness, gathering complex, multi-tiered research garnered from across the world.

This research informs, inspires and helps forecast trends, discover best-practices, identify market opportunities and apply practical know-how.

It is an ideal mix of business and cultural intelligence when combined with experience and original thinking, offers a clear vision for clients and ultimately, a profitable outcome.



Yangya Prakash Chandran

A hospitality professional with more than 20 years of experience in the entire gamut of Hotel operations and good academic and professional [...]

Solayappan Narayanan


Solayappan, an alumni of University Center «César Ritz», Switzerland and has almost 10 years of Sales & Revenue Management and [...]



  • To celebrate life naturally, in a wholesome manner with family, friends or colleagues
  • For a clean lifestyle and professional mannerism
  • For a peace of mind avoiding fears and doubts when visiting a new country or a city
  • For a pristine and clear way of doing business
  • Respecting one's belief and values of living one's life
  • There is no hotel chain in the India which is alcohol free
  • In the middle east it complements the arab culture


Healthy Food and Beverage

The restaurant menu will feature a wide range of dishes around the world which will feature menus which has healthy offerings but still be interesting giving importance to the local cuisine and fresh organic products.

Wellness Oriented

Wellness experts who are pioneers in the industry will be part of the team will also offer wellness menus in all the restaurants be it a low calorie diet or sugarfree dessert.

Family Vacations and Reunions

Designed for those who have dreamt about a clean alcohol free environment where they could take their families and spend a great vacation which purposefully meet their demands.

Business Decisions

Great place to take important decisions since our hotels and resorts stimulates one's real presence of mind as he or she is relaxed with some great food, music, the pleasant aroma in the public areas, great spa.


Lifotel will feature signature SPA treatments wich will rejuvenate one’s body and mind

Wellness experts who are pioneers in the industry will be part of the team

Lifotel will also offer wellness menus in all the restaurants be it a low calorie diet or sugarfree dessert

Lifotel will feature best fitness centers for fitness freaks